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Is anyone studying the idea of nothing?

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    I am not a student of science and as an uninformed simple-minded layperson; I have this TV mangled version of what is nothing. No-thing that is the lack of a thing, what is before the “Big-Bang”? A possible positive quality is that it is uniform although form implies something, I guess. No space/time treating it (space/time) as a thing intrigued me. I think of Infinity/Eternity in space/time, the way I understand it from popular science programs, as a space-time singularity where space/time is infinitely curving in on itself. Are there contradictions in this statement? Does this gravitational singularity lead to nothingness or an infinite something? Can space/time abruptly begin from nothing and continue infinitely. Alternatively, are my terms imprecise and confuse the whole…
    Talk about me being dense like a space-time singularity!
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    A quick search through the Astronomy/Cosmology forums will lead you on your way to enlightenment, I'm sure of it.
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    Thanks, Sorry! I truly hope you are not...
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