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Is anyone up?

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    Please, ( my story. Not the meaning of life)
    I need experts help. I have a story ( I may be a paradox . ) This will be confusing, but I think I can take each theory . Put the math pseudorandomness , 1+1 = 2+1=3. Throw in science , life , coincidence , human error.nature.
    1982 and the introduction of computers into main stream business , conversion = paper and typewriters n whiteout. Truthfully and it's astronomy astrology. August Perseid Meteor Shower. In Leo none the less. Although common every year. They said 2126 That's 112 years. Oh and top,it all off with a major agency (politics folks)
    26 years to finally document then 6 to locate last name. ( behold her first name sounded like my middle name and had the same letters my first name had . the employer went on recording wrong non legal name 4 different ways. Even "Y" like that.
    Try to say take alpha+ numeric, 3 people . Two 1st name same and related then 1 who has same Last name as one of the two. Then the younger one by 15 yrs uses the other ones Married name for short time. But just long enough to become a public records re: Jr high diploma. Then add in , no joke both went to the same Jr high not to mention same high school. I'm not the educated one.
    Then the employer try's to fix the alpha numeric mess . Simple , clean it up and remove errors. Now it's been to long. Add history and go backward now. I can. 1932.
    Add to equation two of them had the same employer. But last name , also is same age as the younger ones Aunt , resigned from same employer 1976 . Fine . Come to find out company gives younger one exact day & month the elder resigned on. So at this moment one person is now two. Odd fact that now the me has birth cert & no public records yet the other me has public records but no birth cert.
    Boils down to me can't first name or last name. All variables are taken by elders or dead people.
    The numbers fit , dates also bump. I count on my fingers, I don't know math. I just kept viewing , sorting. There was a mess up on a simple hire , that's all it was.
    I googled for weeks upon my new found discovery. The numbers and letters fit and the astronomy became the compass . It began 40 yrs with me till now. My aunt also using up every possible way I could have my name back. Trust me when I say I folks that name is similar may be wondering why some relatives keep changing. The puzzle isn't over yet . I bet categoric speaking this occurrence may validate a portion of thesis written about some several phenomena.
    Help. 32,years of nothing matching . As minor as calling a street an avenue. Thank you
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    You have not asked a question. What do you want help with?

    It might help if you separated out the philosophical musings from the facts.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Your post makes no sense. Was it generated by a computer?
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    Welcome! Please post your question in the appropriate forum.
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