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Is chaos more fundamental than any scientific rule?

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    Is kaos more fundamental than any scientific rule, is it kaos that prevents
    us from knowing our origin and futuer?
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    What kind of chaos are we talking about here? Some philosophical concept or the mathematicians' deterministic chaos?
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    SA, if you will it is both, some thing maybe you can call it Kaos is preventing a giant leap forward in understanding our origin future, understanding of the universe, do not get me wrong i have great respect for what the people that have gleened the knowledge we have, but we do seem to be in limbo when it comes to the next phase of understanding what (we) are (about).
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    Yes but, could you perhaps define chaos the way you perceive it, then forumlate an argument for why this chaos is prohibiting us from understanding the next step?

    Right now I don't really understand what you mean.
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