Is chemistry useless?

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why do you say physics is in crisis and then not explain what you mean?

physics appears to be doing fine from my perspective. classical, relative, and quantum physics are all being applied with accurate results. the only "crisis" i know of is the unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

chemistry and biology are in a much bigger crisis. food companies are at war over the use of genetically engineered crops, and the worlds brightest doctors are unable to cure cancer, AIDS, or even some simple illnesses. it is almost sad that one of the most powerful drugs we use (aspirin) has been around for a hundred years. don't you think chemists should be moving forward?
I also want to mention that without chemistry, we would not understand how to synthesize the drugs that we discover. The process of preserving chirality in a molecule and being able to produce it from raw materials through using numerous steps and various protecting groups is very intricate.

More importantly, though, is the idea that the sciences are becoming more integrated, for example, biochemistry, molecular cell biology, the combination of physics and chemistry to produce molecular machines, the use of computers to derive molecular models, etc. I am a graduate student and I see that may of my colleagues are involved in research that requires knowledge of all of the sciences. We should no longer try to draw lines between disciplines, but should look to see how we can collaborate and work towards the good of "science" as a whole.
X-43D said:
Physics is currently in crisis btw, chemistry isn't.
To echo Jeremy, I'd be interested to hear what the rationale is behind this statement, assuming there is one.
I agree completely to the QM vs. Chemistry debate. The orbits and planes didn't make much sense since it was more reliant on Quantum Mechanics. I think during the time these parts of QM are being learned, then people should take a rest on Chemistry and introduce the idea of QM. I don't even remember my H.S. teacher mentioning QM and just made us figure out the work.

I will agree that many of the visual ideas of QM in Chem are pathetic and useless until you go into more detail in which things are used as conductors, where QM becomes more relevant. QM and Chemistry should be mixed together in a better way.

People aren't mixing QM and Chemistry very well and that's why QM in Chemistry seems pointless. Chemistry isn't pointless, the way people present QM in chemistry is pointless until learnt why it has a point.

There needs to be more of an application and visual presentation along with definition of these acts.

Science is always in crisis because you can never know everything. The only thing someone should ever know is that they don't know anything and everything else is specualtion of scientific evidence that has shown validity to be replicated multiple times. Other than that, there is no truth. We don't know if an atom really IS that way. There may be a subpart to light for all we know.
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