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Is Cosmos Homogeneous, Isotropic ?

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    Is Cosmos Homogeneous, Isotropic ???

    Is the universe really homogeneous and isotropic? The answer is hidden within the structure of spacetime.
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    complex universe yes: isotropic ? i'm betting no.

    David Koo and TJ Broadhurst mapped a number of super galaxy clusters and found broad bands of clusters in long strips separated by huge voids evenly spaced some 600 million light years across. Some calculations indicate the formation of these bands would require 150 billion years + to form. In any event the evidence they presented indicates anything but an isotropic universe.
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    Thanks, geistkiesel.

    I hope to use this evidence to partly support what I am theorizing for the local structure of spacetime.
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    I can't link any of these images.
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    I've noticed that these don't link correctly in some browsers- but if you right-click and copy shortcut- then paste the shortcut in a new window- they should work-
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    I can link by going outside of the forum. Is this image showing the visible universe centered at the Virgo supercluster? The distribution seems uniform globally but not locally. What's the interpretation by cosmologists?
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    those images came from the Atlas of the Universe site [ http://www.anzwers.org/free/universe/index.html ]- based from all the best astronomy data- closer in you would see the cellular voids surrounded by sheets and filaments of galaxies http://www.anzwers.org/free/universe/supercls.gif you can really see the exact cellular/foamy/spongey/bubbly structure in the 2d red-shift survey http://magnum.anu.edu.au/~TDFgg/Public/Pics/2dFzcone.jpg

    apperently the universe is just an extra foamy bubblebath :biggrin:


    /:set\AI transmedia laboratories

    http://setai-transmedia.com [Broken]
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    Thanks again for these breathtaking plots of galaxies. I think it is quite obvious how the universe looks all the way to 14 billions years.
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