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Is Dark Matter a 'Pressure' caused by something 'outside' of the Universe?

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    I have read that the Dark-Energy may be a consequence of Pressure from outside of the Universe. The presence of a spin zero field (higgs-field) seems to make this idea really interesting.

    Negative pressure was postulated by Poincaire, Dirac. Accordingt to the author, negative pressure(Cosmological-Constant) may be attributed to the physical space outside of the Universe?

    What you all think?

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    What you are describing is usually called dark energy. The concept of outside the universe is wierd to me.

    Dark matter (non-baryonic matter) is somewhat more prosaic. It seems necessary to hold galaxies together, but they don't know what it is. There are various types of stuff proposed for it - axions, WIMPS, neutralinos, but none have been detected.
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    One way to get an administerative gaze in These PF's. is to throw a few carrots here and there! :biggrin:

    An obvious mistake (just jesting I made a mistake in calling it Dark Matter,it is as you rightly state Dark Energy!) and you deserve an explanation from the said paper, so for your attention if you so desire:http://uk.arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph?0404601

    thanks for pointing out and responding.
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    Let a thousand 'dark energy' theory come forth! Let there be a great and glorious debate!! Let us speculate about parallel universes, exotic concepts, and more.

    But let's also make sure the funding continues, for the Hubble Space Telescope, WMAP and its successors, SNAP, GLAST, and so on ... without good observations (and lots of them), there will be nothing to test the wild speculation and sober theorising on.

    IMHO, assuming the funding does continue, it'll be at least 30 years before a good understanding of the nature of 'dark energy' will be obtained.
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    I agree on the Hubble/WMAP/SNAP/GLAST..so on.

    But I am willing to take bets on the Understanding of Dark Energy being resolved within a decade..any takers? :wink:
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    IF and this is a big IF
    our univerce is one of many random big bangs in a huge bubble of bangs
    could the gravity of other universes outside our bubble of space time reach in to ours
    to pull our stuff outward, there by powering our current accelleration of the rate of expansion
    without the need for new forces

    is the rate of expansion of gravity's warping of space limited by lightspeed??

    I have no idea how this could be tested

    a random thought IF the outside univerces are many times older then ours is
    therefor having more time to spread their warping of spacetime into our univerce's space
    IF the of the rate of expansion is limited by lightspeed
    could that be the cause of the change in the accelleration of the rate of expansion
    that some claim happened in the past when our univerce changed from decelleration to acelleration in the expansions rate as the out side force passed thru our space
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