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Is Death

  1. Nov 21, 2004 #1
    When it comes to death I ask my self what is worse.Tomorrow or death,its hard to say death because we are not dead .
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    im assuming that you want feedback of some sort.

    It is hard to say tommorow because we are not in tommorow.
    you just have a lot of notions on what death and tommorow will be, how can you be certain that anyone of those will happen if you have not experienced it yourself.
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    yep thats what im saying
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    What if you die tomorrow?

    Of course we will all die, but none of us will ever see tomorrow.

    Dying may be bad, but being dead should be nothing to fear, (unless you go to hell or get reincarnated as a condemned chicken).
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    no that isnt what you said .You only said stated that for one of the possibilities, so for all purposes of conveying your ideas to the ppl on this forum, you only thought of one.

    False Prophet--seeing tommorow depends on what your perspective is(and what your definition of tommorow is). i will(hopefully) see what happens tommorow. but when tommorow comes it turns into today and today is yesterday. but if i was thinking back on thinking forward i would be "in" tommorow. ( i hope that makes sense to other ppl)

    Also you forgot about being reincarnated as a cow! Not only do you have a huge chance of being a cow that will some day, as the Simpsons put it "graduate from Bovine University" (for all of you non-simpson ppl that means coming out of the slaughter house), but you dont do anything you just stand there, and at night you get pushed over by little kids.
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    To tell you what i was thinking was that a person has lived to see tomorrow.Its a path we take everyday.Death is the unknown,or we just dont remeber dying.We all start the same way,and stop in the same way.What good is your life if you are worried about dying the whole time.Its going to happen,everyone who reads this everybody that took a breath of air.So dont spend your life worring about the afterlife.what ever happens is going to happen we cant stop it.I live my life the way i see fit.Everybody knows right from wrong,if you think that you must woshup somthing in life to save you after death thats your life,this is mine
  8. Nov 25, 2004 #7
    i can see where you get your idea from but i still don't agree. i think that tommorow is has the same unknown properties as death does. but that is your opinion and i won't trash it. i just have a different one.
  9. Nov 29, 2004 #8
    The immortal soul

    An immortal soul has much more responsibility than a mortal one.
  10. Nov 29, 2004 #9
    It is human nature to fear what is foreign. We might be fearful of leaving our home if we have never been outside; for the outside environment might hold something which is harmful to us. It is the response of the human body, to fear what is alien, because the body rejects the mention of suffering. If we are unsure of the contents of death, this fear will remain in our conscience. Only when we reach ultimate trust and comfort in our knowledge and understanding of death, will we live peacefully without fearing the notion of death. If we prepare ourselves for death as an eternal tranquility and completely assure ourselves of this, our human nature will allow us to be in reassurance of death. Similarly, if we are believers of eternal bliss in heaven, as well as eternal damnation in hell, we will live a life of slight hesitation, yet remain in control of our fear.
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