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Is die casting a cheap method?

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    I know that the initial outlay for automated equipment is quite high etc but the running cost is relatively low isnt it? Is it right to say thatf for smaller metal components die casting is favoured as not much further work is required to the work piece
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    Die casting can be efficient, but bear in mind that many die cast parts need to be drilled, planed, or otherwise machined before they can be used.

    The casting helps remove the cost of creating the part from scratch, but if the part has to be used in an application that requires some precision, it will have to be machined to fit.
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    Depending upon the desired end product, I might also suggest that you look into RepRap 3D printing in plastic. Unfortunately, it still costs about $1,000 to buy a full kit (mechanical and plastic parts), but it can soon pay for itself if you need to make a fair bit of stuff. I'm planning to get one, probably a Mendel, after I figure out how to use my new TurboCad program. (At least it will save the hassle of hand-filing new parts every time I blow the guts out of a silencer. :biggrin:)
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