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Is Eagle Scout worth it?

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    First off, sorry that this doesn't pertain to physics, but this is an academic and career guidance place.

    Alright. I'm 16 and about 6 months of work away from getting Eagle scout in Boy Scouts. I have been in this situation since I was 14 :redface: . My question is does anyone have their Eagle Scout? And how has it impacted your life/career? I know I could earn it but I hate... errr.... dislike my Troop (i.e. no one in the troop is my age and all are very immature). Thanks for your time.
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    Wow, you perfectly described me at the age of 16. Honestly, if I were you, I'd suck it up and go for it. I decided not to, and I've regretted it ever since.
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    Do it, some guy from my high school was eagle scout and he got all the chicks.

    just kidding

    he was also on the football team and was pretty cool.
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    thx, but what i really wanna hear is an impact on someone's career. I've always heard I should get it but I want someones story.
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    I don't have a story, but I want to know how hard is it? If it's relatively easy, just get it. It can't hurt. Hell, at least if you're ever stuck in the woods, you'll know how to survive, right? There's more to life than school/career.

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    If you ever go into the military, they look very favorably on that, i.e. trying to be a pilot. They like to see those kind of extra cirricular activities, Eagle scouts, ROTC, varsity sports. Things that show you can be a leader within a group. Im sure it looks good on a college application too. Can't hurt. (oh yeah, if you wear glasses there goes your chances though :frown: , I wish I did not wear glasses or I would try to be an Air Force Pilot.)
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    No one really cares when hiring. Your job specific qualities will be more important unless your career is in an industry that has less emphasis on degrees and experience then it does with teamwork and the qualities you might develop as an eagle scout. More importantly though, it instills a lot of good qualities which will allow you to ADVANCE in your career.
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    When your with your boss, and he mentions his sons a boy scout, and you say, I used to be an eagle scout, you will have an 'in' to get to know him on a personal level and not just be another employee. Come time for a raise, you might get critized a little bit less and get that raise ;-) , trust me you never know how remote things you did in your past can come up and suprise you later in your career. People tend to connect better when you have more to talk about than just work. You come off as being a well rounded individual.
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    Get your eagle. It may not seem like it is worth much, but just being able to say you got it is very impressive.
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    I would say go for the Eagle Scout, especially since you're only 6 months away. I don't think that it will necessarily affect your career path in science and technology, in the academic sense, but it might open doors of opportunity that are not readily apparent.

    For one there are many out there in the world who are Eagle scouts or who know or appreciate the level of effort to become an Eagle scout, and you might cross paths in the future.

    As others indicated, if you choose a career in the military, it would be a plus to be an Eagle scout.

    I have a friend who became Eagle, and it probably did have an influence on his career, and perhaps even his college program. He was more disciplined than most. I haven't asked him directly if being an Eagle scout made a difference or how it affected his path in life.
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    It will make a difference, in you. I am a commissioner for the Boy Scouts. For nearly 2 decades now I have seen young men get accepted into collages and find great jobs because Scouting has been a part of there life.
    It shows you have what it takes in a organization, to go a bit farther, to lead and accept responsibility.
    I have been told over and over again by collage acceptance boards, they don't want you simply based on your grades.

    Just a few young men who used scouting to become great men.

    William C. DeVries, M.D., Transplanted first artificial heart
    Neil Armstrong - Astronaut & First Man On The Moon
    Gerald Ford, 38th President of the U.S.
    Gary Locke, {former}Governor of Washington State
    James Lovell - Astronaut
    J. Willard Marriott, Jr., President, Marriott Corporation
    William McCool, Physic degree, Space Shuttle Columbia Pilot
    H. Ross Perot, Self Made Billionaire
    Willaim Sessions, Former FBI Director
    Steven Spielberg, Film Director/Producer

    All are Eagle Scouts.

    If your only 6 months away, I would go for it. I know its hard in a troop where there is no one your age. But you may inspire one or two of them to challenge themselfs too.
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    Gary Locke is no longer governor. :p

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    You might as well get it. It will be one more thing that will set you aside from other canidates be it for work or college. It is always a plus in anyone book .
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    Thx. and this is what I always hear whenever I talk to anyone. Still, I want to know a real story :bugeye: .
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    As I understand now days, things like being an Eagle Scout is important for getting college scholarships.
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    For some. My best friend is going to Middle Tennessee State University. He is an Eagle Scout with a 3.7 from high school. He took all honors courses but yet he only recieved one small scholarship to go there.
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    I wonder if he would have gotten the scholorship if he wasn't an Eagle Scout.
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    nah it was the state lottery :P
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    As a 60 year old professor, I think having obtained my eagle scout badge had absolutely no impact on my career, but I could be wrong. Maybe the discipline of finishing a long program in spite of obstacles such as not liking my scoutmaster, and dealing with his little napoleon complex, and his tendency to make himself feel important by ordering children around, helped me later in life to deal with other difficult situations.

    But in the long run, eagle scouting was so minuscule an accomplishment to me personally that I honestly have not even thought about it for decades. I did not feel this way at the time, and I think my mom enjoyed seeing me get it.

    It involves little real accomplishment but lots of time spent satisfying rules and regulations, which is unfortunately similar to progreess in real life business and school situations.

    In fact the whole scout's program can degenerate into a little pre - army training camp or worse. A good one will emphasize outdoor camping and helping others.

    I sacrified basketball for scouts one year and greatly regretted that tradeoff.

    But if you are this close, it is a good idea to finish it just to learn how to put something behind you without abandoning all the work you have done.

    Then find a more fulfilling hobby, like science fairs, or combine it with one like taking inner city kids camping.

    A good life lesson though is to finish projects you start.
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    What my issue is its not that it's a challenge or something good to spend time doing. I honestly thinks it's a waste of my time when I could be finishing homework instead of going to meetings. I really could care less about it. I don't see how it could help me. Yes, it has taught me some discipline in life. And yes, I can survive on my own in the wilderness, but earning Eagle Scout is not going to teach me anything I don't already know.
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