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Is earth part of space?

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    Is earth part of space or is it its own thing?
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    Earth exists within space.
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    It depends on your choice of reference. If our reference point is the earth/ground, most people would typically say that space is everything that isn't the earth. If you're a sciency type, your reference point might be "space" or "the universe," so you'd say the earth is just another part of space.
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    If you mean that Earth is separate from space (like in a small bubble outside space) then no. Earth is indeed in space. "Space" is quite well named, as it's in every space that isn't taken by an object, e.g. a brick. So when you're walking along the road, you're still in space, as to say.
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    "Space is what you swing a cat in" is a fun reference to the "Schrodinger cat"

    So by that definition, Earth is already taking that place.

    If you have a three dimensional illustration and earth plopped in a part of it, then you could say earth is part of that space. Or you could decide some of the space is occupied and some is not.
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