Is Emo the Grunge of the 2000s?

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I've heard some pretty good music from this relatively new emo genre... well, at least from two bands anyway Pedro the Lion and Sleater Kinney. Anyway, I'm not that familiar with emo music because I'm too old to be an emo (that was a joke BTW), but I think there is some raw talent there that isn't yet being corrupted by the mainstream MTV types. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.


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yes there is some talent there, but i think it was an offshoot of the punk genre that was more appealing to preadolescent girls, with the result of the more popular bands resembling more of a newer form of boy band than punk/rock band like they try to portray. example, watch a new found glory video, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

almost all music now is influenced in some way by mtv (excluding the music that mtv plays). a lot of underground hip-hop/rap shows a huge contrast to its mainstream counterparts. also many of the older rock acts are showing some come-back, or at least a slight bump in popularity, and they're generally established enough to do there own thing, I'm thinking of stuff like foo fighters (btw, they got a video banned), rhcp, pearl jam, and radiohead. true, they do get played on mtv, and that draws a superficial fan base, but their creativity has kept them alive.

and i don't think there will be another grunge.
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So what's Emo all about then?
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So what's Emo all about then?

guys singing about how much their love lives suck? and according to, they have ovaries.
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Save the get up kids from steven tylers *childish phrase*! i hate it already, how can they diss a legend like steven tyler.
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No. If your reffering to like, Nsync type rubbish, then just know that all the grunge ppl from the 90's are plotting againts them as we speak.
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Well i don't know if anyones interested in this but it would appear that the ex Guns N Roses members and Scott weiland have decided to form a band and they are pretty damn good, have a song called set me free on the HULK soundtrack, that's quite a cool song, was going to say about Axl roses new band releasing an album at the end of the year but he was supposed to do that last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and... well u get the idea, Axl has done some really good stuff though, check out "The Blues" and "Madagascar" if you like stuff like November rain and estranged.

If they all get their **** together it will really kick ass.

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