Is EN353 cold forgeable as much as SCM420


We are doing a gear box for a two wheeler (for the first time). Most of our benchmarks are of Suzuki and Honda bikes. All their gears are made of SCM420. Surprising part is these gear teeth are formed by cold forging. No machining at all!

Now, I was comparing the chemical composition of SCM420 with EN353 and there were few components similar (C, Cr, Mo, Si) and few different. [ol i]

  • Marginally high P and S in SCM420.
  • Plus, there is a small addition of Cu in SCM420.
  • Most importantly Ni is very less.
I am not sure about the impact of these changes. However, I have read nickel provides more toughness and since EN353 contains more Nickel, can I cold forge gears with EN353 as well? Will I land up in any problem? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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