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Is engineering for me, I cant let myself leave it.

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Well that fact that he is having problems with calculus to me means he is having issues with the algebra. Is this true?

Calc I concepts are very basic, and make sense. Even if it doesn't make sense you can see a pattern. I can do math that I have no idea why i'm doing it but I do it because there is a basic form that problems have. You keep doing them, over and over and soon you learn the form and then later you can think about why your doing it. Look at the examples in the book and see the steps in which they are taking. Like, okay here they are substituting an x in for this function by why are they taking the derivative here? who cares, just do it. Then based on that pattern see if you can solve the other book problems.

Before an exam I would re-do all my homework which helped a ton.

Complex is right you havn't really said why you can't do calc, so what are the issues?
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Im really sorry Guys I have been studying for computer science and Physics and I forgot about this post until today. Thank you all for the help.

The main problem with me is on tests I blank out and dont find the concepts of calculus to be hard at all. I actually really do understand them. But my teacher in calc 1 is not giving me a calculus test, he is giving me a algebra test. or that is how it feels. I am not the best in my algebra and its the manipulation that gives me trouble. When I see a problem its hard for me to see the solution right away.

Now another reason I have trouble is that I have a Learning Disability, it makes it a lot harder for me, but well I dont use that as a crutch. I am Taking Newtonian Mechanics now and well I am doing well, but for me to do well It takes many many many many hours of studying just to get a C.

Before tests I try to redo all my HW, but even getting the original HW done before that is usually unlikely as of the time constraints. But I do review befor the test.


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At my school if its a pre-req and even if the professor says you really don't need that course to take this one, the bursars office will kick you out so i guess all schools are different.
Wouldn't it be the registrars job to kick you out of the class(not the bursar's) if that was the case??:confused:
Yep hah I didn't realize I typed Busars, i must have been thinking about money!
Llama77, there are a bunch of little algebra tricks that math teachers assume that the good students in the class will know or will just notice and figure out. This is fine for those who are very good in math, but for us average math students that are trying to get through math to finish our engineering degrees or what not, it can be very frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I have spent hours trying to get the same answer as an example problem, but couldn’t figure out what trick they were using.

For instance, for inverse laplace transforms

Sometimes you need to use a little trick where you add and subtract the same value (your essentially adding 0 which you can do at any time to the denominator or numerator) in order to force the function to take on the right form of the original transform. However, unless your teacher assigned a problem in your earlier math classes that required that trick or unless you have a good intuitive math mind, your going to be staring the problem forever and never figure out how it was done.

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