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Is engineering right for me?

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    i really want to be either a civil or petroleum engineer. i love math and science. however, math the past couple of years hasnt been my strong point. im a senior and now taking pre cal. my grades arent great in math, but i feel my science picks up the slack for that. what should i do?? also is Texas Tech a good engineering school for majors i listed? thanks for any help
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    Well..IMHO..you better work on your math. There is a LOT of math between High School and an engineering degree. That said, my grades were not stellar in high school..I graduated in 1973 and took Calculus 1 and 2 last year..got an A in each one, so if you work hard enough you can do it. Also, you'd likely have to take 2 semesters of calculus based physics . I took that last year as well..(and, since it won't transfer...I will get to take it again)...but, it too, can be done if you work at it. Get a programming class in there as well if you can. A good fundamentals of programming class would have benefitted me immensely.
    You can do the math. Self discipline and study is the key.
    Good luck to you, :bugeye:
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    Good advice by Bill. You might consider getting some tutoring in math, especially if you can find somebody who uses the math a lot, and is good at explaining some of the intuitive aspects and mental mechanisms behind the math. Not just somebody who repeats formulas and stuff. You want to link up with somebody who can come up with real-world practical problems that help you to understand how the math really gets used. Try to get to where you really enjoy math -- I know it sounds a little funny at first, but as you get better at it, you really start to enjoy being able to figure things out.
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