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Is everything a concept?

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    Centripetal acceleration is a concept. Can we say calculators,t.v. remotes are also concepts.

    OR only the intangible things are concepts (such as torque, centripetal acceleration)
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    I would say, with caution, yes. We are not privy to 'reality', only observations. We create concepts to rationalize our observations. In this sense, observations are the only 'thing' thats not a concept.
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    The idea of a "t.v. remote" (what Plato would have called an "ideal") is a concept. A specific t.v. remote in your hand or sitting beside you is not.
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    I just dropped a cup. That instance of centripetal acceleration was not conceptual. Correct?
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    cs23, I suggest you start with looking up the meaning of the word "concept" in the dictionary. Do not be satisfied with just one dictionary...check severarl different ones to get a good idea of the meaning of "concept". Then you can decide for yourself if something fits the definition or not.
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    No. We use the word to refer to the event itself, even though it references a concept that is not necessarily the event; we just take for granted that it is. So one can study centripetal acceleration as a concept, but you can also actually experience it as a real event.
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    How do i know if something is a concept?
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