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Is everything quantifiable?

  1. Jun 3, 2014 #1
    Meaning, do you think that life and all its complexities can be explained by mathematics. From consciousness and beauty to the atoms and supernovas. Is this all mathematics and nothing more?
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    Is everything quantifiable? I'd say yes (but only in theory, practically, the answer is no). Any "thing" that is describable as a "thing," is quantifiable. In other words, "things" are inherently quantifiable. If something is not quantified, (I'm not only talking about with math) then it doesn't qualify as a "thing."
    (We create/define "things." However, my usage of the idea "every thing" probably differs from yours.)

    Does that mean that this is all just mathematics and nothing more? Absolutely not.

    How could all of this just be mathematics if mathematics is just a part of all of this?

    I should have said, I do think there exists that which is beyond math/quantitativeness. So perhaps I should have just said "No"

    This is not physics
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    Interesting. I should have reworded this before. It goes without saying that everything can be asserted to possess the ability to be counted, if it exists. Rather, beyond being able to be counted is there a quality un-quantifiable such as consciousness? Despite everything in the universe being mathematical in its observation do you (and others reading this) think there is something beyond the quantifiability of it all?
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    Topics that are purely philosophical with very little actual physics content, such as this, are not allowed in this forum.

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