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Is gaming bad?

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    I play games much. Some says it helps to develop the brain of our. So will gaming is bad?
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    Gaming is not bad. If you are unable to complete your responsibilities, however, then it's possible it's one of the hinderances to successful time management on your part. Most hobbies are not inherently "bad", but you need to analyze your own life and day-to-day goals to see if it's possible that a hobby (in this case gaming) is preventing you from being responsible with your time.
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    To me it's bad, and I've wasted plenty of time playing games. Socializing with real people, experiencing the world and pursuing hobbies that facilitate these kinds of things are what I ideally would like to spend my time doing, though I still find myself on the internet a lot.

    I just think it's an enormous waste of time, and I know how easy it is to get hooked on these games and spend hours upon hours a week playing them. I try to avoid games, but sometimes when you need some down time I guess maybe they have a place.
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    A lot of people say you should stop playing games when you get old. The reality is the moment you stopped playing games it means you are getting old :D
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    I become addicted to everything I touch, so I learned a long time ago to be very careful about what I touch. Unfortunately, I still seem to attract bad habits like flypaper. I wrote a video game on my Vic20 computer back in 1983 (circa) that COMPUTE! magazine paid me $175 for. I was around 13 or 14 at the time. Well, for the article with the code, you know what I mean. I don't think they ever actually published it, though. Anyway, even back then I recognized the danger that a video game addiction could give you, and somehow was able to steer clear of it. It was made especially difficult because I've been a part-time computer overclocking hobbyist over the decades until that recently became obsolete. As many of you surely know, a lot of that subculture involved gamers trying to get higher "frame rates" on their games. I wasn't a gamer, I just participated in the discussions because I thought it was cool and a fun challenge. But the temptation was there to try out my creations with actual video games.

    In any case, the short answer is that, like any addiction, if it is affecting any area of your life in a dis-affecting manner, then you have to consider that perhaps you need bury your desktop out in the back yard to avoid the temptation and only take it out on special occasions, as I've had to do during some periods of my life. If you don't think it's an issue for you, though, go for it, have fun. I'm suspecting you may have a little concern, though, or you wouldn't have made this post. There's worse addictions, trust me, so don't sweat it too much, but tread carefully.

    As far as does it develop the brain. Sure. That's why people use simulators to develop various skills. But what skills are you trying to develop? You gonna be a fighter pilot? As others have posted in this thread, you can waste a lot of time with these games and that danger far outweighs the benefits of increasing your hand-eye coordination.
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    Sounds like we are comparing gaming to porn. Gaming with other people is a form of socialization [if you play strictly solo, that may be an issue]. Like almost everything else, in moderation it is harmless, and possibly beneficial.
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    That goes without saying. How does that add to the discussion? One man's moderation is another's excess. Where do you draw the distinction? That's what I think the OP's concern is. Although he/she didn't state that concern explicitly, I'm reading between the lines. I think a lot of people have issues with spending too much time online and improperly justifying it one way or another. I know I do. The issue is when to say when, not what. Of course it's harmless and beneficial if used properly.
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    Porn can be a social activity.
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    Ironically enough, it's often combined with gaming (when gaming is a social activity).
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    Unfortunately, I feel I wasted a lot of my youth playing video games. It could have been worse, though. Some people got hooked on World of Warcraft and spent literally years worth of time on that game.

    For a few years now, I haven't played any games. I just don't enjoy them anymore. When I was a kid, I could play any game for hours. Now, I'm extremely picky about what games I'll play, and I'll only play like one game a day. Like I just got finished playing League of Legends. I played 2 games. I'll probably play a couple more today, but I have other things to do.
    I wish I had this mentality when I was younger. Oh well, can't change the past, whatever will be will be.
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    Mostly just a waste of time, and a bit difficult to moderate. The ability of games to suck away your time is sometimes frightening. There are a few games that tally up the hours you've played... Someone I knew once said he realized he'd spent over a year of his time in game.

    I used to play Dragonrealms, an online text RPG. My main consolations were that a) it was text, so I was at least "reading" something, and using my imagination and b) I usually played from work on weekends (helpdesk), so I was technically getting paid. But at one point I realized that in the time I was spending in the game, I probably could have learned a whole second language. That actually made me stop.

    Haven't played anything in years until two weeks ago when I had surgery. Then I *wanted* the time suck so I could recover. I played simcity (the 1980s version that I was familiar with.)

    I think the best games are strategy games played with another person, (chess, checkers, backgammon, go, etc.) preferably in real life but possibly online. They tend to be intellectually productive (promote logical thinking and some math skills) and social. We're having a monopoly party tonight and we're kind of excited about it.

    -Dave K
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    I don't know why, but I recognized it early. I mentioned in another thread that I used be on a roller-skating team in the late 70's. I remember vividly the day they wheeled the "Space Invaders" machine in to the rink, and placed it over by the concessions. I was hooked immediately. Asteroids was even worse when they wheeled that in shortly thereafter. If you don't believe me, I won an Asteroids contest at a golf-n-stuff about 2 months later. There were plenty of other Asteroids addicts there competing against me, but I proved to be the #1 addict, as usual :biggrin:

    So there you have it. A short while later, though, I thought, how many times do I need to fly through one side of the screen and re-appear on the other to get my fix? I kind of woke up then. I put it together that here you're taking a big risk of taking a big swan dive into the abyss of wasted time by getting caught up in it. All my nerd friends (which I was and btw, I use nerd as a term of endearment) would be viciously trying to get to the next level in whatever game they were playing and I'd say, "dudes, there's cute girls down at the beach playing volleyball, get down here!" They didn't listen.
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    Hi everyone. I read all what you guys said. And yes, I play online games too, and I play chess in real with my brother :p
    Umm, but I play as my hobby. Also I do C# programming.
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    And yeah I'm still 17:rolleyes:
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    Gaming?For me,Some games are as good as reading a story book and some games can change your way life/Or personality.So be careful.Anyways,the games I played are good for me. :smile:
    My advice is that,gaming should not be played so frequently.else you may get addicted.
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    Part of the problem is games are designed to be addictive and time consuming, its a business. I think playing games in my youth has helped me recognize this and keeps me from getting to sucked in. Hand my fiancee a Gameboy with Tetris on it and she'll be absorbed for 4 hours straight, because its addicting and she's not used to it.
    I played World of Warcraft, and so when ANY other MMORPG comes out, I'll play it for a day, get to the point where I have to go kill 10 of X, and thats the end of that game. Repetitious menial tasks does not a game make.
    Now I limit myself to strategy-based games, and those that might help my reflexes. (some FPS and LoL)
    Anytime but Winter I'd rather be playing tennis, racquetball or volleyball.
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    Yes. That is also true for the bulk of the entertainment and material goods industry, in one way or another. It's all designed to keep you slightly dissatisfied.
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    The most dangerous kind of gaming is the social or competitive type. It is very easy to lose yourself in some mmorpg or some highly competitive game. It is much more manageable to play some single player game at your own pace.
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    I really don't get why many people don't consider gaming a hobby. Does a hobby always have to 'develop' the individual in some way? Can't it be something done for simple leisure? And even then, many games are capable of doing both the things at the same time.

    I play about an hour (well two since I have holidays at the moment) a day of some game or the other, and stay up to date with all the gaming related news. As long as you can keep it in moderation and not let it affect your other activities, I don't see why it should be considered bad.
  21. Jun 23, 2013 #20
    Agreed. Gaming is just like painting, or music, or football or any other hobby. I spend about an hour on average playing online FPSs everyday and I find it as enjoyable as an hour of football or badminton.
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