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Is global warming natural or manmade?

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    im still on the fence, is global warming natural or manmade? i dont know
    i have read that eruptions from mamalian rear ends has a lot to do with it
    how could one stop that.
    no crudidity intended.
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    Re: gas

    It's unclear, but more and more scientists are believing it to be a real enough possibility to be concerned about. It's certainly a fact that CO2 levels have been on the rise lately (28% increase in the past 50 years) and that CO2 (among other things) is a greenhouse gas.

    I say 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. Given the serious possibility and the serious problems it could cause, it's worth proceeding carefully before we get in too deep. If anything, the effort to cut back on CO2 generation will also have benefits such as reduction of other associated pollutants, more efficient fuel use, etc. More studies are needed, caution is warranted, but no need to run amok in the streets yet.

    Eat less beef.
    (i.e., stop the economic incentive for more cattle farming)
    "Mammalian" is too broad....I think you're referring to methane generation from the digestive system of the massive bovine industry worldwide.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is also possible that cycles in solar intensity could play a role.

    Interestingly, one of the biggest offenders is the production of cement but I rarely hear mention of this.

    Here is a related link:
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