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Is gnu C/C++ a good compiler?

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    Is gnu C/C++ a good compiler ?
    How can we judge whether a compiler is good or bad ?

    Thanks in advance
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    A good or bad compiler.... I'd say its a good one for what i use it for.

    If we want to judge it we need criteria. As far as speed goes, intel's kicks its ass every which way. There are many more important factors in many cases though.
    What are you using it for?
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    Generally there are only three criteria to judge a compiler by:

    1) The size of the resulting object code
    2) The speed of the result object code
    3) Its adherence to standards and lack of bugs

    - Warren
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    Thanks Warren a lot for your help,
    Since GNU C/C++, as far as I have learnt or taught by some people, it can only be used for compiling some programs made in Linux/Unix environment that are equivalent to Console applications in Windows...
    But Is it correct ?

    Goalie_Ca, have you ever made any non-console applications in Linux, can you please tell me what they are,. just give me some examples, I would be very grateful...
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    You can use gcc to compile anything you want. If you want to compile code that calls the Win32 API, so be it. A compiler does not limit what you can compile.

    - Warren
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    I am sorry I wasn't clear, I meant something like GUI applications in Linux...I just wonder if that is possible and would like to know if Goalie_Ca or you or anyone can give me a piece of information...

    Thanks a lot Warren
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    Well, if you want to make gui applications in linux then you're pretty much stuck with gcc. Intel's compiler is often considered superior because it produces faster code, but then there's more issues resulting from the fact that its not gcc. :/

    GCC is the technology used to compile pretty much everything on a linux system. So yes it will do graphical user interfaces.

    I've written some small and simple applications, mostly utilities, to help me convert, and do things as well as the "staple" text editor and hello worlds apps. Most stuff i write is console so i can pipe info in and out without user interaction.

    If you wanted to program a gui app in linux then i suggest programming with gtk or qt. GTK is associated with gnome and qt is associated with kde. QT is c++ while GTK is C. They're quite different and it depends on the individual as to which is better. I'm fairly indifferent thus far because i haven't had to do a large app in it yet.

    http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/how-to-learn-qt.html [Broken]
    http://www.gtk.org/tutorial/ [Broken]
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    Thanks Goalie_Ca a lot,

    I am actually and honestly not trying to build any large applications at all. Large one assembles from small ones, so even when I am doing something great and BIG, questions made never go into BIG things.
    How can I ask someone to write me an application simulating the development of a certain cancer cell ? (:tongue2:)
    Again, thanks for your links, (smile)
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