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Is God A Safe Subject?

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    I'm am curious as to thhe purpose of a supreme being, oor "God", in the lifes of human beings. I have just finished the last in a long list of insightful, and dicidedly odd books concerning the nature of a god in the minds of humans. Can it really be true that God is in fact mearly a fabrication of the mind merely to explain love/compassion?
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    I think God is real. There, I recommend The Abolition of Man, Merely Christian, and Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe and other essays by Professor C.S. Lewis. Those are good essays and they are all in all very reasonable, and worth the read even if you weren't thinking such questions. Oh, and if you want, you can also try the Bible.
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    Yes, and once matured and forever without God we will always have each other and the others of those from afar. This is where I'd love to say something nice but feel the lingering fear of condemnation.
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    Only if God doesn't exist
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    Maybe humans created god because they were afraid to be alone in the cold dark universe. Or... maybe God created humans because he was lonesome or bored.
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    Anything is possible, but another possible explanation is that God is an interpretation of the spiritual experience and that the spiritual experience is a natural phenomenon. Whatever the case may be, it doesn't make any difference to me. If there is a God(s), great. If there isn't a God, still great. Life is literally the only miracle I need.
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    There are thousands of gods that are a product of the human mind, whether you are a (mono)theist or not. If you believe one of them are the ultimate truth, all the others must be social constructions.

    The key to it, I think, is to study 'new' religions such as cargo cults etc.
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    I think 'god' is the result of a need for people to know where we came from. Then parents needed to keep their kids in line, so hell was formed. Then it took off from there.
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    God serves a purpose as a hypothesis that explains various mysteries, just like the hypothesis that banana peels create fruit flies. As long as you don't analyze them too critically, these hypotheses work well enough for daily use. You can be satisfied with them since they make your life easier and given this comfort it is better not to rock the boat. These hypotheses only fail when you subject them to more rigorous testing. Classical mechanics is another example. It gave way to something else that happens to be too complex for daily life and is only relevant to a small specialized group. Simpler explanations are more palatable and more useable by the majority. They are also more easily accepted.
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    This is a very thought-provoking line of reasoning; I have never thought of it like that.

    (At the risk of being flippant, could you say God is the classical Newtonian version of the human condition, as opposed to the Einsteinian version?)
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    Could you please put that in a simpler, more palatable and usable way? :')

    Actually, your's is a pretty good hypothesis. ;')
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    No, the god 'hypothesis' is even worse, since there is no way to test for god's existence.
    Bananas are observable fact. Flies are observable fact. We may link their existence incorrectly, but we're not making anything up.

    God is not a hypothesis by any normal standard. Its pure fantasy.
    Its standard 'god of the gaps' theology; if you don't understand it, use a meaningless three letter word to describe it.
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    Biut the human condition is not observable fact. Which is much of what God is designed to cover. Why do we kill our brothers? Why should we take them in and wash their feet?
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    You're going to have define what you mean by 'human condition'. What you're saying here makes no sense to me. I observe other humans and the way they live, every day. We evolved, we act and react very much like our less intelligent cousins in most situations.
    I doubt we would agree on what gods were designed for. The Christian god is all about vengeance of the weak over the strong. The Jewish god is about being special and chosen over other tribes. The Islamic god about submitting to absolute authority.
    We want their stuff, or they make us angry.
    I honestly can't think of a good reason to do that.
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    The test for the existence of fruit flies is about as reliable as the test for the existence of a god. Ultimately, the experiments and the observations of an observer are written up and read by people who didn't participate in the experiments and observations. So, in effect, the reader is relying on the observer's good health and abilities to report what they have seen.... much in the way people rely on the reports and observations that have been recorded in a bible, koran, parchment or whathaveyou.

    In fact, a devote god worshiper will tell you that the fruit fly is god.

    Whereas, WC Fields will tell you that "time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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    Ivan Seeking

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    As long as you don't make him mad.

    I don't have the need to make myself feel more important by declaring that God is dead, when in fact there is no way to know, and the only proof that could exist would be in the affirmative.
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    These seem simplistic to the point of stereotyping. That doesn't bode well for a rational discussion on the matter. (In fact, if I were to place money on it, I'd bet that, when this thread's closed, it will be due to the descendants of exactly those or similar comments.)
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    Show me where I can find a god. I've seen fruit flies and I've eaten bananas. And if you go to an open air market you can see them for yourself. Where is god located?
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    I've given you simple, understandable definitions. I'm still waiting for you to do the same.
    So define 'human condition', as simply as you please. I still have no clue what you are talking about. I've told you what I think these things are.

    And if you want scripture to support my descriptions, I'd be happy to supply it. But first, tell me why I'm wrong.
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