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Is God an alien?

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    I don't know any philosophy.But one thing that makes me ponder is that why haven't we seen God?There is no hell or heaven rather galaxies and metal core of our earth.So what can be the abode of God.Don't you think he is an alien or does he exist in another dimension ?Can anybody say what physics laws does he use to be invisible.The reason that I ask this question is that I have got some signs that God exists but I still cant believe.How come horrorscopes and astrologers predictions come true.Please enlighten
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    I'm a virgo and if I read leo's horroscope, I'll agree with it.... to an extent. Astrology is a bunch of bs in my opinion. Good enterainment, not anything more. Whenever I read any of the horroscopes, doesn't matter which constellation, etc, I find that it is worded very carefully. They give vague descriptions, predictions, etc, that you will most likely connect with some way.
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    Due to the fact that 'God' is supernatural and evasive to the laws of physics, it can't be proven that he doesn't exist simply because he is antiempirical.

    Horrorscopes and astrologer relate astronomical objects to things that humans exhibit. When a person becomes red after blusshing for instance, an astrologer might say that the planet Mars has something to do with the red. This is an invariant relationship which cannot prove its actual connections to any of its components. Astrology is simple entertaining but useless for actual astronomical predictions. Even more so, because astrology is simply expressing connections with incongruity (to appeal to most people that the universe is local and similar), it is logical that astrology incorperates 'God.' As for astrologers predictions coming true...that is an element of coincidence and probability.
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    Come on, folks, does any of you really think this discussion is appropriate on this forum?

    - Warren
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