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Is graduate school for me?

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    is graduate school for me??

    Hi guys,
    I'm a senior undergraduate currently at a large state university. In the spring I will be graduating with 2 bachelors, one in economics minor in business and another in statistics with a minor in mathematics. I have been planning for a while now to attend the master's program here and getting my master's in either biostatistics or mathematical statistics. Now, I have a grandmaster plan- get the F out of the country 3 years post graduation from graduate school. My goal: my significant other and I to save $100-150,000 and move to Ecuador and starting a permaculture farm. I LOVE math and statistics. But hell, I dont need to go to graduate school to fulfill that dirty pleasure. Honestly, I just wanna get paid- Alot and quickly. I can be perfectly content in the mountainous rainforest with some math books and a chessboard eating off my own land. Anyway, I digress, do you guys think I am better off attaining my goal by going out into the workforce ASAP and saying no thanks to graduate school? Or do I go for it and make dat money, honey?

    P.S. I also will have a certification for SAS programming with my degree.
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    Re: is graduate school for me??

    If your goal is to make money, get out into the work force and start making money. Going to graduate school will just delay getting started. My opinion.
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    Re: is graduate school for me??

    Do you have any real ideas on what kind of job you can actually get that will allow you to get paid "alot and quickly" with BS's in those fields? Or how a graduate degree would help that?
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    Re: is graduate school for me??

    I know I wont get paid THAT much, but I am planning on living very inexpensively as I have managed for the last 4 years, and doing a couple summer internships to boost my attractiveness to employers. Also, there are 2 of us saving money for this cause. This is definitely doable as long as we don't get slammed by the hyperinflation first. I just dont know which plan will get me there more quickly...
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