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Relativity Is Gravitation by Misner, Throne, Wheeler outdated?

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    With the re-release of the textbook "Gravitation" by Misner, Thorne and Wheeler, I was wondering if it is worth buying and if it's outdated.
    Upon checking the older version at the library, I found that the explanations and visualization techniques in the sections on differential(Riemannian) geometry are excellent. But, before buying it, I would like to know if it is outdated as it was written long ago.
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    If you get the Kindle sample, you can read the foreward to the new printing by Misner and Thorne:


    "Gravitation was published in 1973, near enough to the end of the Relativistic Renaissance that most of that Renaissance’s major theoretical insights and observational discoveries were in hand. While there have been some major additional insights and discoveries in the four decades since, they are few enough that Gravitation is seriously out of a date in only a moderate number of areas; primarily cosmology (Part VI), gravitational waves (Part VIII), experimental tests of general relativity (Part IX), and observations but not the theory of black holes and neutron stars (Parts V and VII)."

    They then do a detailed chapter by chapter evaluation of what material is still relevant and what is outdated.
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    What do you mean by outdated? That there are new things done after the publication of the book? Then, yes, it is outdated. Every book is outdated in this sense a few years after it's been published. Or do you mean that the book is so old that it is not worth studying from it? Then, no, it is not out dated in this sense. If you want to study GR you will need to learn the topics covered in the book, and if the style suits you, then it is worth getting it.
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