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Is Gravity an Attractive Force?

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    Is Gravity a Force of Attraction?

    We are familiar with electromagnetic attraction and we understand how and why it works.

    We do not understand Gravity to my understanding and we are trying to link it and its properties with that of electromagnetic.

    Now we are trying to detect Gravitational Waves.

    Is it possible that Gravity is not an attraction but merely centrifical force.

    Could it be that by the fact that mass follows the curvature of space that when space is bent mass that is in motion will experience centrifical force due to the bending of space?

    Could this explain Gravity and how it has the same attraction for all mass?
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    Nope. We have a good theory of gravity, that produces accurate predictions. That theory also predicts gravity waves, and the detection of these is just at the limit of our experimental ability.

    In the future our understanding will be greater, but it will rise upon the shoulders of general relativity just as GR rose on the shoulders of Newton.

    There is no reason at all to believe gravity is some other thing entirely.
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