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Is gravity effected by gravity?

  1. Nov 9, 2012 #1
    So I was wondering if gravity and the Higgs boson are affected by gravity. because the higgs boson is an observable particle so it must have some relationship with gravity. Thanks for checking this out.

    P.S I searched through the rules to see if it stated where I should put a thread like this, and i couldn't seem to find anything. So I thought I would just put it in general physics! :)
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    As far as I know the Higgs Boson is NOT an observable particle. Will you please post some reference that say it is? Where did you read that?

    Thank you.
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    The only known source of confinement is color charge. Higgs Boson is color-neutral and has an on-shell mass allowing free propagation. So OP is absolutely right. We have no direct evidence of it being observed, but it should be an observable particle.

    And yes, it will interact with gravity. Anything that has energy does. Interaction of gravity with gravity is a bit more complicated, but it's covered by Einstein's Field Equation.
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    Thank you for informing me about this. I'm rather uneducated on the matter and sometimes I come up with these random epiphanies and I just found out about physics forum, so i actually have a way to get answers to these questions and thoughts.

    is there any chance you could go into more depth about how gravity IS affected by gravity?

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    Not really an expert. But what it comes down to is that Einstein's Field Equation is non-linear, which means that solution for gravity caused by two massive bodies isn't just a sum of solutions from each body by itself. That can be interpreted as an interaction between the gravitational fields of the two bodies.
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