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Is green better than red?

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    is green better than red???

    Over the past couple of days, i seem to have noticed that sometimes, people like green better than red. I have been thinking about it and felt that it should be brought to discussion as to why green seems to be better.

    I know it sounds rather strange, but when you think about it, the reasons are pretty interesting

    Looking forward to your thoughts!!!!!
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    Re: is green better than red???

    Not if they are color blind.
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    Re: is green better than red???

    Lüscher color test would argue introverts like green, extraverts prefer a more arousing colour like red.

    Trichromatic colour vision is of course a primate adaptation - the extra cone being possibly due to a shift to day-time foraging and the need to find ripe reddish fruit among greenish foliage. So there you would have thought red might be the preferred colour - maybe the reason it is arousing.

    But really, look up Lüscher. The personality approach is fun.
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    Re: is green better than red???

    This is not philosophy.
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