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Other Is Greiner's book series good?

  1. Jul 15, 2016 #1
    Hello, I have used Greiner's "Quantum Mechanics: An introduction" and found it to be awesome, bridging the ga between undergraduate and graduate courses.
    So, I am thinking of buying some of Greiner's book to use for my other courses and I wanted to ask you what your opinions about the books in that series are.
    Also, does anybody know which books have many typos due to the translation?
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    Yes, overall the books are good. The only nogo is that in one of the first volumes the ##\mathrm{i} c t## formalism in special relativity is used.
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    I have used his Quantum Mechanics book(the introductory one) and found it very useful because i was using it in my introductory QM course and it has slightly more advanced mathematics than other standard introductory books(like Griffiths'). Are his other books like this also?
    Also, I am thinking of buying his Thermodynamics book but I don't know how good it is compared to other popular thermodynamics textbooks(like Schroeder's or Pathria's). Did you use it?
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    My favorite volumes of the series are the ones "Quantum Mechanics - Symmetries" and "Field Quantization". The thermodynamics volume I use sometimes for reference. I don't know Schroeder of Pathria. My alltime favorite for introductory thermodynamics/stat. phys. (for me thermodynamics should be introduced as (quantum) stat. phys. anyway) is Vol. 5 by Landau&Lifshitz. It's incredibly modern although written a long time ago.
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