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Is Hamiltonian still NP?

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    sup, just realized there is not graphtheory/combinatorial subforums.

    is the hamiltonian cycle still considered and NP problem?
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    The problem of finding a Hamiltonian cycle in a graph is NP-complete (and therefore NP). This is a proven fact; it is not something that is under consideration (and so it will not change in the future).
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    I wonder what thought could have raised this question :)

    -- AI
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    having an algorithm that i want to code but i'm lazy. and if the question of NP=P was solved then there was no point =] guess that shoulda been my question but I just wanted to see if there was apaper out their that said H=P.
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    As master_coda has stated, Hamiltonian is "proved" to be NP-complete.
    Now, if i understand your last post, then you seem to have an algorithm for Hamiltonian in which case you have solved the NP=P problem!! When are we going to see your paper coming out :D

    -- AI
  7. Jul 30, 2005 #6
    hahah i have an algorithm that I would like to try and see if it goes anywhere...not gonna say it'll solve NP=P, but i wanna see if it can go somewhere.
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