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Is having an engineering technology degree a major hindrance to grad school accept

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    So I'm finally ready to graduate next semester with a BS in Mechanical engineering technology. I've been thinking of my options now. I really don't want to be a technician, unfortunately I didn't really know the difference between an ME and MET degree until fairly recently, and then decided I'd just finish the degree so I wouldn't waste time retaking classes by transferring.

    I'm just worrying now because some schools I've looked at for grad school have said things specifically about not accepting technology degrees, I've tried contacting them on if that means my degree or if that means like Devry degrees but got no response.

    I was just wondering if I'd be forced to get a second bachelor's degree first before I could get into a grad school. Just leads to the problem of not wanting to push off starting my career for years, I'm tempted to take a year or two to just work and save money but then I'm limiting the usefulness of having an advanced degree, and besides it would be difficult to leave making money to go back to school. Any advice/ideas?
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