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Is having diverse experiences a handicap? or how do you sell it?

  1. Mar 6, 2013 #1

    I am currently looking for PhD in the areas of quantum computing or condensed matter theory but maybe not with a conventional background for those fields.
    I have a master degree in theoretical physics (with lectures oriented in high energy theory, QFT, CFT, QCD, the Standard Model and Susy) and all my research experience have been in experimental high energy physics (detector analysis, accelerator physics), or theoretical quantum optics/semi-conductor physics.
    Those experiences were good (and my supervisors could support that in recommendation letters) and oriented my interest of problematics in "lower energy" quantum mechanics. But, at first, do you see them as a handicap for applying in a field where I don't have any practical experience (to this day)? How would you in evaluate this candidature in comparison to a student with experience on the field? What arguments could I use to sell my profile? (I'll be looking for working mostly in the UK, in case it's relevant to the question)
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