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Is having extra-marital sex with an advanced robot breaking the vows of marriage?

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    If a man's wife says she doesn't mind if he pleasures himself with artificial devices made for the purpose of sexual activity, but she does tell him not to be unfaithful by having sexual relations with another living creature, then at what point should she detest the idea of him having sexual relations with an advanced robot?
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    You know, I half suspecting you're playing a joke on us with this thread, but I have to say, this is one of the more novel formulations I've ever seen of the general question of at what point a given being can be considered alive, which I'm guessing would be the best way to approach this question, anyway.

    I'm going to have to relay this to my old robotics and ethics professor to see if he can use it in one of his intro courses.
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    Is this about the definition of a robot as a living creature, or about jealousy? I wouldn't know where to begin with the former, but if it's the latter, I would say that she would feel jealous when she becomes convinced that she might be replaced by the robot (though I guess that might help you answer the first question). She of course would also presumably be upset if she thought that he broke his promise, but that is just the first question again.

    Haha, there is something very attractive about this question. Is there any way that you could add a few more details (do you have more in mind)?
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    I asked my significant other three questions after initiating this thread... here were her answers:

    Q1: Would you be mad or jealous if I used an artificial device for the purpose of sexual gratification?
    A1: No, I'd laugh at you and call you a loser.

    Q2: Would you be mad or jealous if I had sexual relations with another person?
    A2: Depends on the person.

    Q3: Would you be mad or jealous if I had sexual relations with a sentient robot that looked and acted like a real person (possibly Heather Graham)?
    A3: Depends on how much you paid this robot.
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    Its a similar question to this thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=170659 (is it murder to destroy an advanced robot?) but in this thread its more of a question of whether its betrayal for a partner to get off on sex gizmos and advanced robots.

    In this case the answer lies in an individual's ability to tolerate their lover's behaviors with gizmos and visa vera.

    Remember: trampolines, velcro walls and electrical equipment can be hazardous to your health.
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    Will you have to buy this robot dinner afterwards?
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    :rofl: only if it doesn't eat it's pions with it's knife.
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    This reminds me of a swell movie. Cherry2000

    Now the average woman doesn't have to compete with models on the covers of magizines, but robotic sex slaves in their own house too? That could be either very good, or very bad. I guess it depends on the woman. I would be unhappy if I came home and my girlfriend/wife was having an intimate encounter with a robot. It would look too human to me. I would be envious and doubt the commitment of my significant other. I'm not even sure that makes sense, but I think that's how I would feel.
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    I don't know Huck, the robot might be trying to entice you into the same action.

    Its like the old paint-the-fence-for-an-apple-trick. bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz:smile:

    True love may entail enjoying your partner's enjoyment as much as they are (edit, regardless of the methodology bzzz bzzzzz bzzz).
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    Is it safe to say that the wife should consider her husband to have broken his promise when the robot starts feeling jealous?
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    Well... at the point that he suggests it. Why would anyone want to have sex with a robot? I'm not sure that the level of consciousness of the robot really matters. No matter how conscious they are, they are not human!!
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    Well, that brings us to another topic of discussion....

    I would guess that in general more men would be jealous of their wives having robot sex toys than women would be of their husbands having the analogous conterpart. The truth of the matter is that women generally don't care if their husband pleasures himself with sex toys. However, men have the tendency to become jealous of a simple dildo. While women tend to get jealous if their husband becomes good friends and has meaningful conversations with another woman. I have noticed that they also seem to get jealous if their husband spends a significant amount of money on another person... even if it is one of his relatives.

    That's just the way things work. Men get jealous over sex. Women get jealous over relationships and the distribution of resources. I blame the evolution of the species.
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    I agree. Jealousy stems from perceiving a partner's behavior as indicating some inadequacy in oneself. Can you imagine feeling inferior to a robot? Well, I suppose playboys, pornography, and Victoria's Secret mags could be said to fall in the same category. Though the physical presence of a robot changes things I think. A partner would be getting more than just physical stimulation in this case, going back to the idea that one is failing to fulfill their partner in some way. True, you can't be everything to someone, but what you are should be enough.
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    If the robot were the android Pris from Blade Runner (as portrayed by Daryl Hannah), then... I WOULD!!!

    Seriously though, when you stop and think about it, most guys would much rather have sex with a robot than a real person. If the robot were physically indistinguishable from a person, and the robot were programmable, then the robot would essentially be a sex slave.

    Whatever fantasy you want fulfilled whenever you want it... no relationship complications... no commitment necessary... and so ends the human race.
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    If a robot feels jealous... maybe it is more person than robot.
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    Yeah, just don't make us self-programmable. :tongue2:

    Er, them.... don't make them self-programmable... when someone finally makes one.
  18. May 26, 2007 #17
    One could just marry the robot and program the wedding vows so there is no conflict. Just like Mr. Universe from Serenity.
  19. May 26, 2007 #18
    There was an episode of Buffy that explored this. In the end, the guy got bored with the robot as it was too predictable, too easy, flat out boring...as a girlfriend at least. I suppose if one were using it like a vibrator sure, but I think also that there's more to sexual pleasure than just the physical (yes even for men :tongue:)

    Edit: Hah! Whedon mentioned back to back! That is awesome :biggrin:
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    In a marrage, sex with another person other than one's significant other is extramarital sex.

    Masturbation, when performed with robots, gizmos, shower heads, horses and sheep, is non-extramarital sex unless otherwise stipulated in the original marrage vows.

    I rest my case. Hi ho Silver, awayyyyyyyyy.! Tonto, don't forget the leather tu tu.
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    Fifteen Inches of Fame

    Somehow I feel as though a wife would not be so sympathetic if she caught her husband "riding the livestock" with his pants down.

    What would the guy say in his own defense? "We never said 'forsaking all horses' in our marriage vows!"
  22. May 26, 2007 #21
    I was tenderizing the meat? :surprised

    Seriously, the first thing that came to mind :rofl:
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    Do marriage vows typically contain terms for what will be considered cheating on one's spouse? If I heard that at a wedding I would say those two people won't have a pleasant marriage if they can't communicate well enough to honor one another. That they honor each other should be enough and implies certain codes of conduct. The couple should be able to work out for themselves how best to honor each other.

    Basically, if she considers it cheating then it is cheating. I think more women than not would have a serious problem with their significant other finding pleasure in the arms of an advanced sexbot. It could threaten the intimacy of a relationship.

    Joss Rules!!!
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    Yes and


    Edit for LYN: there's always the comics. Possibly a movie or two someday.
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    He he, I just finished watching Season 7 again tonight. It's so sad every time knowing there will never again be any Buffy. Watching Amanda and Anya's dead faces sucks.

    To the marriage vows thing, they say whatever you want them to say, but here is a sample of a traditional template:


    What you usually see in the movies are the Catholic vows.
  26. May 27, 2007 #25
    Or in http://de.allaboutellen.com/extras/btvs/hellsbells/bridesmaids.ram [Broken]:

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