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Is Hawking radiation lethal?

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    Wow! Thanks to all for this great resource.

    Would it be possible to cast light harmlessly by spontaneously creating microscopic black holes of small enough mass? Or would you necessarily get high-frequency X and gamma radiation along with visible light?
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    How would you go about "spontaneously" creating micro black holes?
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    Nothing stops a bunch of particles/energy from converging to form a black hole afaik.
    They're just much more likely to fly off in random directions.
    But completely ignoring the improbability of such a random convergence, what would the characteristics of Hawking radiation be like for a bystander?
    I think you'd end up being irradiated, but maybe not. . . .
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    Doug Huffman

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    The Wikipedia article is juust right.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Can't whatever magic you are using to create these mini-black holes protect people?
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    Mini black holes can't exist (in reality) through some principle or another. Don't quite remember the details.

    Anyway, Hawking radiation is so minute and infrequent that just living on Earth is much more irradiating.
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    You would necessarily get x-rays, sure.
    I understand that Hawking radiation has black body spectrum. Except that it gets hotter as it burns out. So a black hole that casts mostly visible light will also produce a small amount of ultraviolet in the Wien tail. As it burns out, its temperature rises, so by the time it gives off mostly x-rays, it still has the Rayleigh tail in visual remaining. Only by that time its total power is high and remaining mass to burn is low, thus the total x-ray and gamma output in the end is small compared to total visual and IR and near UV output over long time in the beginning.

    You could plan to dump your black hole lamps to somewhere safe by the time they are burning out and giving off x-rays.
    What is the power and duration of a black hole emitting visible Hawking radiation?
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    If you are asking about a story you are writing, you posted in the wrong forum. This forum is for
    If you are writing a story, this thread does not meet the rules for posting in the writing section.
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