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Is he wright?

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    Two years ago when i was in ten class,(Grade10)
    In our country final exam is regarded the important.I am not boasting myself ,I was on the highest mark in the exam(I was very hard working )
    My science teacher told that the i was naturally weak an i am not born intelligence and i had brought maks due to my hardship only (he was mean to say my achievement was not per my hardship)
    He also told that if my competitor had study more like me ,he would gain more than me
    I feel so inferiortity and humiliated ,till now today ,I cannot forget more I think about this i feel pain
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    In is he right? he refers to my science teacher
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    I donot Know if it is right to post personal problems ,sorry for this
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    Coverme, as per your last post I repied to. You seem to want people to praise you or at least give you some boost to your mood. Family and friends fair enough. People on a forum, no. Unless you really do something amazing I can't see why people here would praise you.
    This post is half brag half sop story. There is always someone better than you, fact. (Stephen hawking would seem to be an exception to this though).

    If you work hard enough you can do whatever you want. But you can't expect to be the best at everything. If this other person had studied he would have done better than you. So what. He didn't, and you did better than him, you came top. Regardless of what your teacher says if you work hard enough you will get where you want.
    I'm rubbish at exams. I always mess them up, but when it comes to the practical side of things, or applying the knowledge to real life situations I'm good at it. But because of my poor exam technique I can't prove myself to people/employers as I would really need to do it in the field. There are many others on my course (I'll be honest, the Indians, hardest working bunch of people I have ever met!) who are ridiculously good at exams and far outstrip me everytime. But I don't let it bother me. I know that when it comes to real life, practical situations I can do better than them. It's simply realising your own potential and using it to your advantage. Working together, we all make a good team.
    This as good as you'll get from me.
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    I believe that the genetic component imposes an upper limit on intelligence only, and actual intelligence is developed by training the brain through hard work and studying.

    It was rude and out of place for your science teacher to insult your intelligence after scoring the highest grade.

    Your grammar needs serious work. For example, the title of this thread should be: "Was he right?"

    And no, I don't think this is a good place to use as a support group.
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    That was a terrible thing for your teacher to say, you should just ignore him since science school teachers either love kids (which can't be this guy because of what he said to you) or they like science but never went to grad school or did research, which can make them bitter or mean.
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    Yes, he was right that some people would perform better than you with less effort. But different people have different priorities/goals ...
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    Having never met you or your classmates, I don't know if he was right or wrong. He was insensitive to put you down after you achieved something good through hard work. But, some people are socially inept and say things in a way that sounds mean but was really well-intended. He might have misinterpreted your personality and motivation and thought that saying something like that would help push you to work even harder and do even better...he might have had more confidence in you than he showed. Or, he might have just been a mean person.

    Now, I'm not going to agree with those in this thread who are saying that if you work hard enough, you'll always get what you want, because that's just not true. Sometimes all the hard work in the world isn't enough, and sometimes things besides skill and hard work get someone else put ahead of you (such as being a relative of the company owner or a friend of the hiring manager). That's life.

    But, it's not worth sulking over these types of things, or getting obsessed about them. That just distracts you from your goals. The bottom line is simple...always try your best. Sometimes your best isn't good enough, and sometimes it is. When your best isn't good enough, at least you can feel good about your efforts and that you didn't miss out on something for lack of trying. When your best is good enough, then you can feel even better that your hard work paid off. Sportsmanship is a good thing to consider too. When you succeed, feel good about it, but don't put someone else down for coming in second place...remember how much it hurt to have someone trample on your feelings when you thought you had done well, and use that lesson to remember not to do that to other people. When you don't succeed, don't be a sore loser. Congratulate the person who beat you, don't hold a grudge, and maybe you can even learn from them how to improve and do as well as they have.
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    Are you talking about the hard-work for 5-10 years or for the whole life? I don't think anyone explicitly asserted that hardwork would get you everything. In general, you need to work hard to get done extraordinary things.
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    Does it matter? If you enjoy studying science and are willing to learn the material then there's no reason to feel inferior. You worked hard enough to get a top grade. Others didn't. Regardless of how they could have done, they scored lower than you. Not to say that a score on an exam always determines who understands the material best, but it seems that you learned the material well enough so there's no reason to feel inferior.
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    Thanks for grammar correction.
    i never worked for scores.
    but my main point is that how a teacher could have told that,in teacher eye all are equally loving and caring,isn't it?
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