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Is insanity relative (POV)?

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    Is insanity relative(POV)?

    Awkward question, because it asks if you only consider someone insane because they believe they see stuff not seen by us?

    Even violence, they may feel justificated. Anyone that does anything feels that they're doing it because it's right. Example: That cannibal kid in Sin City, who ate people to feel closer to God.

    Another example: Heathens in midieval Europe. Burned for having original ideas?

    That, and the question: Do you think insanity is alright? Is just an exemplification(sp damnit) of the POV of insanity viewpoint.
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    You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.

    Incase you didn't know -- that's a quote from Charles Manson.
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    "He lives well who's fain, to live half Mad, half sane."

    If 'insanity' is believing to be 'real' that which is not real, delusion, then everyone seems to be, to one extent or another, insane. Just look around!

    Relative? Only personally, subjectively 'relative'.
    The farther you 'slip' from your own 'Center', the more 'eccentric', the more 'insane' (which is a legal term here in Amerikkka) you are. You are your own 'scale' which is non-applicable to anyone else. Unless you want to eat them, of course (assuming that they don't want to be eaten).
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    i am a disabled american veteran. my disability is schizoaffective disorder. i was born with this disability or mental illness. serving in the army during the vietnam war aggravated it. generally there are two types of psychosis. one is schizophrenia, and the other is manic-depression. schizophrenia primarily is an attack on the cognitive process of the brain while manic-depression is an affective disorder. schizoaffective disorder is the mental illness in which both psychosis are involved.
    when i do not take my medication, eventually everything falls apart. my mind suffocates; i experience severe mental stress. i feel as if my mind is saturated with toxic byproducts of metabolism. (i think that a normal mind is able to get rid of these toxins, but a sick mind does not have that ability.) my mind eventually dies, and i become then a living thing with a dead mind, yet suffering severe mental stress for no aparent reason, unabled to take care of myself, unable to compete and cope, unabled to adapt and adjust. i live crazy with this affliction in my mind and soul. i am in hell unable to do anything but one thing: commit suicide because it is unbearable to live under this condition.
    when i do not take my meds, i am a problem. eventually i am out of control, and the police ends up taking me to the hospital. there, i receive medication, and eventually i am discharged.
    what is insanity? i think insanity is the inability of the mind to breathe. in other words, a sick mind lacks ventilation; it suffocates. maybe a person with a normal mind does not know what i am talking about because he or she is endowed with a mind that breathes and does not know what it means to have a mind that does not breathe.
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    Thanks for caring enough about others to take care of yourself!
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    wow, what do the doctors say? my friends mom has it and they put her away, that didnt help. hope u get well:smile: !!!
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