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Other Is it a bad signal that it is taking two weeks "awaiting decision" for my journal submission?

I submitt a paper to journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

The status "awaiting referee reports" lasted one mont.

However, now , the paper is on status "awaiting decision" two weaks up to now. Is a ill signal the delayed on the status "awaiting decision"?


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I doesn't mean anything. Two weeks with the editors is not unusual.
It could simply be that the person who has this on his/her desk is too busy, on holiday, ill etc etc.

These things do take time; a few months between submission to final acceptance is nothing unusual.
Anything less than 6 months sounds normal in my experience.


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There's no point in trying to read anything into something like this. The paper is awaiting a decision. Work on something else in the meantime.

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