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News Is it discussion forum or battlefield?

  1. Oct 10, 2005 #1
    Alsaha.com is an Arabic discussion forum in UAI. Here is interesting information about this site:

    - They have more than 20000 members, and 250000 guests.

    - American sources claimed that CIA observed ‘’coded posts" on that site between militant groups. Actually I read sometimes posts without clear meaning or looks like coded massages.

    - Around 10 members of in this site were killed and many were arrested or wounded by Saudi Arabian police or in the war in Iraq. Their nicknames were published in media.

    - One of users was discovered as ‘’double agent’’ between Saudi police and ‘’Islamic groups”, his name and picture are published .

    - One of users (Iraqi) was in Baghdad during March 2003. He used to send urgent and detailed news from the battlefield. This user disappeared immediately after the fall of Baghdad.

    - One of well - educated members, his nickname ‘’Louis Atiahallah” became very popular and they published a book of his posts. He is considered as representative of the extreme Islamic wing. Recently the media claimed that this user was killed in Iraq (Falluja) and his real name is Omar Hadid.

    - A member claimed that the American consulate in Jaddah/saudi Arabia is anti Islam. The American consul registered under the nickname ‘’The American consulate in Jeddah’’ and she told the people that this news are incorrect!! She speaks Arabic fluently.

    - Recently, around 7 real names and nationalities of the users are published in the newspapers!!

    - A Female facing death because they committed murder crimes are saved mainly by members of this site. In Saudi Arabia if the family of the victim forgive the criminal, then he /she will be saved from death …. So those people collected money, around 250000 USA Dollars ,and they gave it to the family victim to forgive the female criminal!!

    I am not member in that site because the registration is closed. Although this site is dominant by extreme religious views, but I am surprise to see such active forum and how they are serious!! It becomes the most important media tool in Saudi Arabia.
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