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Is it feasable SAT scores.

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    I recently got 1850 on my SAT 1. It's a good score, but nowhere near what I need. I am retaking the examination on January 27. From previous experiences and witnessing do you think it is realistic to set my goal to a score of 2150, with only a month left to practice? I am relatively strong in mathematics (there isn’t one problem that I have encountered on the SAT that I couldn’t solve) and quite average when it comes to verbal disciplines (scored a 4/6 on the essay). If it is in the realm of the possible, what study strategies do you recommend?
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    I think if you actually study and practice it could be a pretty reasonable goal, but if you do what I did and not actually study or practice then don't expect your score to go up very much, I took it twice and got about the same score both times, but I'm not sure whether or not it would have made very much of a difference.
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    It has always been my opinion, as well as experance, that SAT's only matter only so much. What you have a should make you confortable, but if you want to boost it up a little more, I think your goal isn't that unrealistic. Just don't let your other studies slip because of the SATs looming over your head.

    Another thing, I know the new system of the SATs is in full force now, but do you know for sure that the schools you are looking at are going to look at the writting section that much. From what was hearing since the writting is still fairly new it isn't weighted as much as the other scores when it comes to college admissions.

    Also, if you still don't reach the score you wanted on the SATs many schools will also take the ACTs which, in my humble opinion, give a slightly better measure, and the college admissions people I worked with when I was applying to colleges three years ago often would concur.

    Good Luck
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