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Is it legal?

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    Today I received a phone call from one of those automated political telephone campaign recordings. The number was blocked though!
    That really suprised me. As far as I know businesses of any sort must be listed and can not block their number. I realize that political campaigns, legally speaking at least, are not the same as businesses but I was thinking that the same rules would still apply. Am I wrong? Does any one know if this has changed or if there is an excption somewhere for these sorts of calls?
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    I got a call like that once, but I picked up the phone and the automata said 'Oh Im sorry this message was intended for your answering machine'

    I guess you'd know who it was about from the message, and then you could pay a little visit to their house :devil: :grumpy:
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    Yes its legal. Charities and Political compaigns are still allowed to call your house, even if you are on the national do not call list.
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    That's not what I mean. Their number was blocked, it didn't show up on the caller ID so I had no idea who was calling me and had no number for reference after the call. As far as I know it is against the law for commercial phone lines to block their number and I had assumed that such would be the case for political and charity type lines aswell.
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    No, not for businesses, but telemarketers are supposed to have theirs shown. Were they asking for money?
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    It was just a messege promoting a candidate for fire chief or some such thing. They weren't asking for money.
    I'm not sure about other places but around here, as far as I know, businesses are not allowed to block their numbers telemarketer or otherwise. I'm not sure about numbers like this one though I had always assumed only lines for private persons were allowed to be blocked.
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    Yes, it's legal

    Not only were they given a loophole to continue annoying you even if you're on the do not call list but they can do so in a manner that prevents you from being able to block them. Even if you have a service like the "Privacy Selector Service" some of them have computer programs that record a fake name so the call goes through. I've had several of these :(
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    Fire chief elections that competitive statutory? :)
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    I live in Huntington Beach. This is where yuppies with too much money and time on their hands run for local offices because they have nothing better to do.:rolleyes:
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    I don't mind political telemarketers. I usually make fun of them when they call. Just totally take the piss out of them. I actually got the liberals to hang up on ME once. :rofl:
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