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Is it okay to post this to ask questions about it?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am reading a few journal articles from the 60's that apply to a project I am currently working on. They are not available online because they are so old (even though our university has a subscription to the online journal), so I went to the library and scanned the articles so that I could work on them at home.

    I wanted to ask a couple questions on one of the articles, but short of posting half the article (or retyping the equivalent) it would be hard to convey the question, and I don't want to ask people to go out of their way to go look up the articles. Is it okay to post a few scanned pages, or is this copyright infringement? The article is only 10 pages, so it would essentially be a third of the article.

    Thanks for your help,

    EDIT: Side question - The article still shows as available for purchase if I am not logged in. If I am logged in, this option goes away. I logged out and added it to the shopping cart, and the website is ready to charge me $30 for the article. Out of curiosity, how does this work? Do they still allow you still buy individual copies of older articles like this online, but only include more recent articles with a subscription?
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