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Medical Is it peniciline?

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    Thanks for reading

    I used make an operation to cut off a lump on my waist
    I went home 1 week after that, and I was told to visit back the hospital for injection once.
    They injected my butt with some substance, that I barely walked straight right after that. It's terribly painful. This injection is known to be a mustdo for all patients with open/cut wound, the doctors claimed it helped heal the internal injury.

    Does that substance have a name ?
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    I've never heard of such a thing as returning to a hospital a week after surgery for an injection of an antibiotic as a standard course of action. It certainly isn't the norm in the US, so I don't know what your circumstances were or what the medical customs in your area were.
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    The only thing that comes to my mind, is when you said its terribly painful, was a cortisone injection. They sometimes give this post-operation for control of any inflammatory conditions.
    You should ask your Doctor what the shot was, to be sure.
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    Thanks for your replies, :smile:

    I saw it but not clear, it is pretty white and may be gel-like, [I wish it would be drinkable instead of butt injection] :smile:
    I am impossible to walk straight right after the injection at the butt, There are cases, for old people, doctors might let it pass through the vein, not butt injection, it may be easier for them.
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    Your pain might be just due to the location of the injection. Injection at this site are quite painful due the large amount of muscle in that area.

    Also, your injection was probably not penicillin because the liquid would be similar to water and not gel-like.

    You should talk to your doctor.
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    From such little information, there is absolutely NO WAY anyone here could guess at what you may or may not have gotten as an injection. Call your doctor if you want to know what you were treated with.
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    In fact, you should never let someone, not even a doctor, inject you with something without asking, before hand, what it is.
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