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Is it photocorrosion?

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    Hope I will get help in this regard.

    I am studying application of ZnO for photocatalysis, dye degradation. I came across a comment that ZnO also shows photocorrsion.

    I wish to know what do they mean by Photocorrosion, and is there any technique to know whether it occurs or not. And if yes, then is there any method for its quantitative analysis.

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    In what environment is the ZnO. Corrosion normally implies a chemical reaction. Light may promote a photochemical reactions, e.g., ZnO + H2O + light => Zn (OH)2 (aq). Otherwise, perhaps this might be erosion or evaporation.
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    Thank you for the reply...
    I am using ZnO in water, that already contains dye-Methyl Orange.
    If there is formation of Zn(OH)2, then will it be possible to detect it thru FTIR? or should I choose some other technique?
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