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News Is It Plausible Gulf War Syndrome (1991) Caused BY Israeli Nukes?

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    Hello All,

    Earlier this month the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) a UN program sent a delegation to Israel. IAEA Article

    In part i heard via CNN, that the IAEA was trying to get Israel to admit having nuclear weapons. Also a couple of months ago Israel released an imprisoned "whistle blower" that was a technician at a Israeli nuclear facility. Whom served close to 20 yrs in prison, for alerting the world back then that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. This individual although released from prison isn't allowed to leave the country.

    Now lets go back to 1991 during the Gulf War crisis with the first senior President Bush. Saddem Hussein was firing SCUD missile batteries at Israel to force their hand to retaliate. The US force provided Israel with Patriot Missile Batteries to shoot down any incoming SCUD missiles from Iraq's mobile launchers.

    Now lets jump to around 1993-1995 where "Gulf War Syndrome" begins to get news coverage from Gulf War veterans. Both those who served in the US and NATO forces have this unknown illness. Much press has gone into that it was the "depleted uranium" ammunition used that became an aerosol when military equipment was destroyed.

    The US response to it's veterans has mostly been it's all in your head, and it's nonsense. Much was said post-Vietnam War with agent Orange chemical sprays. That the US government denied until extensive documentation appeared with a vehenement advocacy for the veterans against the US gov.

    My question is this, is it plausible that Israel fired mini-nukes at Iraq during the first Gulf War in 1991. (about a 400 mile distance between each other or so) Where the US & NATO chose not to disclose such an event. In fear of igniting a powder keg in the Middle East, much less against Israel.

    I did read about accounts that small mushroom clouds appeared in Iraq during the first Gulf War. (1991) Although it was assumed that those were weapon or ammunition dumps exploding from aerial bombardment from that former NATO coalition.

    That would really be horrific if it was remotely true.
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    They have these devices called radiation detectors...
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    Yes they do, but i wonder if any of those sites were inspected for radiation fallout. Although the UN would've stated as such, when they were their looking and destroying for Iraqi WMD's. (unless some where down the line that info was smothered.)
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    If nukes had been used there would be some sort of radiation poisoning to the locals. There isn't any, so no nukes where used. Plus there are satellites that can detect radioactive materials (unless shielded) from space. If there was a nuclear explosion we would know. Also seismic detectors can pit up such a powerful blast. How do you think we first found out Russia had developed nukes?
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    Can we deep-six this idea?
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