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Is it possible for an indvidual who is not good in math & physics to become a ChemE?

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    My passion is constantly learning new things about Chemistry, and science in general. I wanted to be a chemical engineer and a chemist when I was in grade 9 but now that I'm in grade 11 and researching about the career as a chemist-- I realize there aren't many job offers, and the pay is low ($16 for stressful lab work,etc) for 4-5 years in grad school, which means I'm somewhat wasting my money and my time. Additionally, after watching Chemical engineering Youtube videos, I like what they do. They get to take a raw material and make it into a product or improve it! However, I'm afraid to apply to any chemical engineering program here in Toronto. I am also a weakling in math and physics. I attend a non-semestered school and currently have a 75% in MCR3U. I have a 90% in Physics due to unit works, but surely my average will dramatically decrease when it comes to my final exams because for my first unit test I got a 60 </3. It was about Motions. :cry:

    Anyway, I really want to do well in math and physics, and this year my TA (teacher adviser) has sacrificed his floor times (free time that he is not on the floor) for me to ask him Math question. In addition, I have a grade 12 tutor who tutors me during lunch school hours every Tuesday and Thursdays. I'm also planning to get a tutor outside of school for calculus & adv. function next year. Any advice? Studying, test-taking and exam tips?

    Thank you for reading and answering my question! :redface:
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    Re: Is it possible for an indvidual who is not good in math & physics to become a Che

    Actually, I don't know, but why won't you take a tour to your local university, and just sit in a classroom of Physics or Chem or whatever you are interested in ? I am quite sure that after this course, which could have been painful, the teacher will be happy to answer to your questions, especially if you are interested in the field.

    I think it's a quite constructive approach.
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    Re: Is it possible for an indvidual who is not good in math & physics to become a Che


    Chemical engineering would be pretty heavy on math and physics, however if you actually want to do this you motivate yourself to do well once your in university.

    When I started my physics degree I felt like I was terrible at both math and physics, many assignments later I began to feel more confident toward the end of the semester.

    I'm in third year now and the same trend applies, I think once you've put in lots of effort to get high marks on the coursework you will have learnt the necessary tools in passing the course.

    On the other hand, if you really don't feel comfortable with university physics / mathematics you could always do an analytical chemistry degree. You will learn the basics of spectrometry and many other analytical techniques which do not require a high level of math, and in most cases they do they math for you and just give you a formula or spreadsheet to use. Where I live the pay for analytical chemists is pretty good, depending on your level of education and where you get a job ofcourse but the average 1st year graduate salary is 60k AUD a year, from what I was told when in the final analytical chemistry unit i took.

    I found the exams had a little more memory and a little less thought but some question were still pretty difficult. The only drag was the amount of lab reports you end up writing.

    Hope that helps
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    Re: Is it possible for an indvidual who is not good in math & physics to become a Che

    Thank you guys! :)
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