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Is it possible: Ion Bomb

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  1. Jul 31, 2010 #1
    I design weapons for fun and have just heard of an ion bomb. First off is It even possible to use ions to make a destructive device?
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    If you mean a device that gives off ions as the killing material, very doubtful. They would be quickly stopped in air.
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    Couldn't these ions energize the air particles so they become superheated?
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    Why would an atom that has one electron more or one electron less do anything other than give or take an electron from another atom?
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    I was thinking maybe a transfer of energy, I guess not though. Ok what about if these electrons travel through the air and reach their destination. Won't that give the target an excess amount of electrons, which is basically an electric shock?

    To clarify, in case I'm sounding like a spastic again, can the same thing that happens in an electric cord happen in the air? If the electrons can't be directed and would only dissipate outwards in every direction, would this create somewhat a small electric bomb?

    edit: wait, I am sounding spastic... That's what lightning is isn't it?
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    Ions are chemically reactive so they would cause damage. Something that sprays acid around it could be considered a weapon. I just don't see how ions flying trough the air could create any extreme physical effects like an explosion does unless you accelerate them somehow.
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    Neutron bombs exist and do damage just by being high energy particles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutron_bomb

    I'm not sure you could make a proton bomb though. And I'm not sure what is really meant by an "ion bomb" - sounds like technobabble to me.
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