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I Is it possible to create an independent Venus aerostat?

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    "Is it possible to create an independent Venus aerostats?"

    Introduction to Venus.

    Almost everybody here knows the planet Venus. Our bright sister planet, and the hell of all. But at the altitude of about 53 km, conditions here is so far the most Earth-like in the solar system, with near-Earth gravity, pressure identical to Earth, manageable temperature, some water vapor(?) and cloudy sulfuric acid.

    Aerostats, a floating colony.
    Aerostats, or simply a floating colony, is one of the most likely possible idea of exploring and living on Venus. I've read a topic discussing about where to go between Venus and Mars, and I come up with an idea.

    Information here: Colonization of Venus, Wikipedia

    What are the problems?
    First, the said colony must float and avoid being ripped apart by turbulent winds circling the planet at the speed of 95 m/s.
    Second, the said colony must be acid-resistance due to sulfuric acid clouds.
    Third, the said colony must be able to produce resources by itself.
    If I miss some, you can discuss them below.

    What are your ideas?
    First, we won't make a colony like a balloon with a string to hold, it will float with the winds. This create a day-night cycle of about 4 Earth days. This is good. We can use our breathing air, which in Venusian carbon dioxide Atmosphere, will have over 60% the lifting power in
    Second, acid is really troublesome, because it is corrosive and will destroy your stuffs. There is probably some materials to do this (I think Teflon might do this...?)
    Third, carbon dioxide is abundant in Venusian atmosphere, and it can produce oxygen and carbon. Oxygen for breathing and carbon for carbon nanotubes(?) and stuffs. Agriculture in aerostats on Venus is likely possible and we have food to eat.

    But, is that possible?
    This is the question!
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