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Is it possible to do calculations for systematic errors?

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    Are percentage apparatus errors also systematic errors?
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    No, they are accidental errors (or insecurities). The percentage (or absolute) insecurity written on an apparatus means the following: The true value lies within the error bandwidth around the measured value with a certain probability (and not for sure); but I don't know what the standard value for this probability is, maybe 80 or 90 percent.

    Since you don't know them you cannot include them into error calculations. Of course you also don't know your particular accidental errors, but you do know more or less how big they are and, which is very important, that they are Gauss-displaced.

    On the other hand, systematic errors could be anything, could be a piece of fly excrement on your balance or a broken apparatus, could be a bad experiment setup. You just don't know.
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    So is it more of a qualitative analysis of the apparatus
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