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Is it possible to go into Cognitive Sciences from a physics undergrad? (Also GRE ?'s)

  1. Nov 4, 2011 #1
    (sorry for the title, I ran out of room)

    Is it possible to go into Cognitive Sciences for graduate school even though I am earning my undergraduate in [applied] physics?

    I'm a Junior, and I know I want to go to graduate school, I'm just not positive in what yet, and I feel like I'm beginning to run out of time, and that I need to figure this out soon.

    I have been thinking of either Astrophysics or Nuclear (hopefully I will get into an REU for one of these for the summer), but I've also started considering Cognitive Sciences. Is it possible to go into that field even though I've taken no psychology, biology, etc classes?

    Also, I have a few GRE questions (I browsed through a few pages to see if I could find the answers to these, but I couldn't).

    I am doing a study abroad in England this spring. Will taking the general GRE be a problem there? Or will graduate schools view it as if I took the test in the US?

    Does anyone have any book/study recommendation for the vocabulary sections? I'm pretty decent with my vocab, but I don't think it's GRE level. I want to start studying that now, even though I probably won't take the test until March/April. I feel like the Brits all have really great vocab, and I don't want to look 'less educated' or not understand my professors when they speak. Hence why I want to begin studying that.

    Also, I'm planning on taking the physics GRE fall 2012. What subjects will be covered?
    I'm trying to add an extra course onto my study abroad (E&M), but they said no guarantee that they will let me add the course. If I can't add this on, what book would you recommend for me to 'self-study?'

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Is it possible to go into Cognitive Sciences from a physics undergrad? (Also GRE

    Pythagorean, I think, is pursuing computational neuroscience. In Germany, the requirement for an MSc in Neuroscience is a degree in the sciences and that of course, includes Physics. Many MSc courses there are in English too.
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