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Is it possible to solve this ODE out?

  1. Sep 4, 2006 #1
    dy(t)/dt= c1* y(t) + 1 - c2*f(c3*y(t))

    Here c1>0, c2 is a complex number but |c2|<=1, c3>0,

    f(c3*y(t)) is a nonlinear function of c3*y(t).

    The initial value is given by y(s)=0.

    Is it possible to be solved?
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    I think that any solution will be highly dependant on the function f(c3*y(t)), and in most cases there will probably be no anylitic solution to the equation.
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    what about an exponential for the "f" function?
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    Since your DE admit separation of variables, the solution of your DE (in implicite form) with your initial value is as follows

    t-s-\int_0^{y(t)}\frac{dz}{zc1+1-c2f(zc3)}=0 .
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