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Is it possible?

  1. Aug 2, 2007 #1
    In September I'm going to be starting a course in physics/philosophy at king's college London. My ideal plan for the future is to postgrad (ideally doing something theoretical) at the most reputable place I can get into, a goal that was hindered a bit by my oxbridge rejection.
    To those who might know anything about it, does the KCL physics department have much, if any, prestige comparatively?
    If I get a good enough degree in London, would I be able to postgrad at a "world class" institution, i.e. oxbridge or the Ivys?
    I apologize if I'm thinking too far ahead, or if this isn't the sort of question to post here.
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    Yes kings is fine, even if not as famous as UCL or IC - but your degree will say University of London just the same. I did physics at UCL and a PhD at Cambridge.
    If you want to go into theoretical physics you probably want physics/maths or even applied maths, not sure what physics+philosophy is?
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    I hope that the UoL doesn't disintegrate (assuming they haven't effectively done so already). Otherwise the colleges will give out their own degrees; something which is fine for UCL folk, but not for others.
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    Every year UCL complains that it has to pay to support smaller colleges.
    Smaller colleges complain that the library, union etc are all near UCL and it isn't fair. UCL and Imperial threaten to split off and form their own institute - but can never agree on anything. They have been doing this for pretty much 100years.

    Ironically kings was founded to counter the athiest, irreligous nature of UCL!
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