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Is it possible

  1. Dec 7, 2009 #1
    To heat water to 101 degrees C at 1 atmosphere?

    Is there any case when this is possible? Even off the wall lab stuff will suffice.

    What if water isn't completely pure, like most tap water here in the states? My teacher says it isn't possible but any caveat to prove him wrong would be great!

    Thank you
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    Im assuming you mean heat water to 101 degrees and it still remain a liquid?

    Also the idea of boiling point, isnt strictly true. Things have a boiling range due to an energy distribution, even pure water with no contaminents doesn't instantly go form not boiling at 99 to boiling at 100degrees C. It's more correct to thing of it as a boiling range. Contaminents will also play a factor. However! These are very anal and pedantic points to make.

    Now, don't go and rub it in your teachers face becuase nobody like a smart ***. But you can superheat liquid water in a microwave. If the container is smooth enough there is nothing to trigger the 'boiling'.
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    You guys are my heroes.

    Thanks a lot.

    Edit - Yes, I meant heat it to 101 degrees C at 1 atm and still have it remain a liquid :)
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